White Fox comes to innovate and make a difference in the nicotine market! White Fox is a white,

tobacco-free product produced by GN Tobacco Sweden, which is the manufacturer of the all-white products Hit and Siberia All White.

Nowadays White Fox nicotine pouches are the most variable pouches in the market with a range of nicotine content of 16 – 30mg/g. White Fox combines the stimulating sensation of a strong nicotine kick that you crave with a refreshing flavor.

White Fox comes in slim, slender portions for that nice and discreet look under your lip, and a Regular size for your Full-Charge.

There are 5 types of flavors. Enjoy between fresh spearmint, mint-menthol, peppered mint, strong and very special mint/spearmint, and a dark, smoky tobacco-flavored experience. White Fox’s intense and fresh flavor experience is reflected in the colors of the awesome stylish design of the can.

We create White Fox using a special fleece material for the portion paper. This unique material provides a symbiotic nicotine/flavor release when compared to traditional papers. These all-white nicotine pouches deliver a deep and intense flavor that is rounded with smooth tones.
They won’t stain and drop minimally, which in turn ensures that the stimulating release of both flavor and nicotine lasts for a satisfyingly long time.

Not only that, but the pouch material gives an incredibly soft feel which means you’ll hardly notice it under your lip!