Chewing tobacco

Historically many nations, from ancient Mayas to Middle Asia, have tobacco traditions, some of them have smoking traditions, some nasal and some oral, like African Cheema, Swedish Snus, Asian Nasvai, American deep and chewing tobacco.

The modern consumer became more exacting and selective to the products that he use. That is why the ways of performance of some products differentiate and transform till present time to more easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasant.

As a result of progress the chewing tobacco, now can be bought in a very convenient form – in chewing bags.

Our company is one of the largest producers of tobacco products in Sweden and we have to support the modern trends. In this regard, we have opened our own line for the production of chewing tobacco in bags.

We cut tobacco into small fractions for chewing tobacco, while for snus we grind tobacco into fine dust. Due to this difference, nicotine begins to actively penetrate the oral cavity precisely only when consumer nibbling the chewing bag.

So the consumer can control the delivery of nicotine from tobacco by activating chewing, he controls when and how much nicotine he needs, while the release of nicotine from snus is constant and uncontrolled.

Paper for chewing tobacco is more resistant than snus paper to all kinds of manipulations, but we advice our costumers not to chew bags hardly through, but enjoy slight nibbling.

We supply chewing tobacco to Sweden, Norway, Russia, US, Israel, South Africa, Switzerland, Norway, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia and South Korea.

Chewing tobacco is packed in modern convenient packaging for the consumer – plastic containers with a lid.

Depending on market specifications like regulations, traditions e.t.c  we offer wide range of favorite brands and types. Nevertheless we do out most to match taste and other consumption experiences to satisfy consumers and give freedom of choice.