Nathalia Härdström joined GN Tobacco almost seven years ago.
Like so many others at the factory in Enköping, she began her
work in the snus production but after her one-year parental leave,
she felt that time had come for a change. Since 2023 she has got
everything under control. Literally.

“I actually had no idea what GN Tobacco was when I joined. I thought I
would just give it a try and seven years later, I’m still here,” says Nathalia
Härdström, Quality Controller at GN Tobacco in Enköping.


She originally joined as an operator running some of the machines used to
package the snus. And she kept doing that until she went on her parental
leave and then, when the time came to come back, she decided it was
time for a change. And now she is in quality control. So, what does that

“Basically, all along the production line – from the raw tobacco to the full
containers waiting to be picked up and shipped across the world – we
check the quality to make sure it is according to our standards. For
example, the produced snus is checked for moisture and nicotine levels,
and the pouches are checked for shape, weight and other factors.”

Quality control also includes the packaging, making sure the correct
labeling and tax stamps are needed for different markets and countries. Since
the factory runs in shifts, 24 hours/day, five days/week, the quality control
needs to be done in three shifts, so Nathalia and her colleagues rotate
different shifts, one month at a time. Which must be tough?

“I rotate between the early and late day shifts and enjoy this way of
working. Of course, it is a bit tricky when you have young children needing
to go to daycare but for my family, this works really well. I actually love
working nightshifts because I can get lots of stuff done at home as well.”

The only issue for Nathalia is that she has to go by car 40 kilometer each
way from her home in Sala. Public transportation might work during
regular working hours but not when working shifts like at the factory. But
she has no plans to change her job or shift to another position.

“I am very happy where I am now, so I don’t have any immediate plans to
change my role. I like it at the factory and am fortunate enough to get to
work with really nice colleagues. But it is always good to know that I could
if I wanted to,” says Nathalia Härdström.