GN Tobacco Sweden AB was founded in 2004, under the name SNUSAB AB. In 2009, our name was changed from SNUSAB AB to GN Tobacco Sweden AB. 2014 was the year that saw us take leaps and bounds. Constructing a state-of-the-art factory in Enköping and then relocating our Tobacco production to this facility, left the old facility capable of Filter Tube production – an entirely new product for GN.

Our brands White Fox, Hit, and Siberia All White give the consumer a wide range of choices of both strength and flavor.
Nicotine pouches are typically marketed as a tobacco-free alternative to smoking or other forms of tobacco use. They come in a variety of flavors and strengths. They are popular among individuals who are trying to quit smoking or reduce their nicotine intake, as well as those who are looking for a discreet way to consume nicotine without the need for smoking or other tobacco products.

GN Tobacco produces and distributes nicotine pouches to more than 70 countries in the World.
We offer:

  • Good prices, margins, and delivery conditions.
  • Pleasant and demanded range of products.
  • Comprehensive shopping channel with clear synergies.
  • Active and joint marketing activities for selected products from a consumer-friendly approach give shops an interesting purchase channel of tobacco products, leading to an increase in sales and profits for its operations.GN Tobacco Sweden AB is, unlike most of our competitors, a privately held Swedish production company. This gives us the advantage of
    having shorter lead times, better customization options, and faster delivery. Gajane AB is a growing player in the Swedish market and the country’s second-largest distribution company in the tobacco segment!

GN Tobacco, our vision:

  • We want to change the tobacco industry to a more open and competitive market where consumers have more freedom and variety in choices of tobacco products.
  • We want to continue creating new, as well as improve existing partnerships with clients in order to get an overall picture where everyone wins, from the producer – to the retailer – to the final consumer.
  • Unlike the major players, we do not tie up customers on regulated agreements. Instead, we want to offer an easier and more profitable alternative.
  • We let the quality and price speak for themselves.
  • By being a responsive and learning business organization that is attempting to adapt to each customer’s specific requirements and needs, we offer a long-term partnership with a personal relationship.